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  • Apr 25 2019
  • By: Sam
Florida Vacation Rentals

Florida - “Land of Flowers” situated in southeast United State, with the Atlantic Ocean on one side, Gulf of Mexico on other and Florida Straits to the north side. Being surrounded by water from three sides, it is called a “Peninsula”. Florida is a Flat state with no mountain only northern Florida has because it is situated at the end of Appalachian Mountains. Florida is famous for its  beaches, as it has the longest coastline. It has so many beaches with warm water. In the center it has Lake Okeechobee, the seventh largest freshwater lake in US. Florida is a Sunshine state because in summer the temperature may rise as high as 109 degree Fahrenheit (40.5 degree Celsius).Florida doesn't have four different season. Normally, it has rainy as well as dry season.

Summers in Florida is very popular among the tourists and visitors. People prefer surfing the waves, enjoying beaches and fishing here.Florida being a tourist place, have a good number of comfortable Vacation Rentals. These Florida vacation Rentals aims in serving tourists with great comfort and home like atmosphere.

Vacation getaways

Being the most preferred vacation state, Florida has some amazing vacation getaways. Whether you are with your family and kids or you are a solo traveler, you have so much to do here. Some popular vacation Gateways are :

●     Princess luxury Yacht for amazing view of Naples bay, dolphin and bird spotting tours in Naples.

●     Day time cruise in Miami.

●     Paddle boards and kayaks in Cape Coral.

●     Exciting amusement parks and airboats in Kissimmee.

●     SeaWorld, Walt Disney world resort, universal islands of adventure in Orlando.

●     Helicopter tour in Key West.

●     Segway tours in Hollywood.

●     A guide Pier tour of  Clear Water.

●     Shell island and Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City Beach.

●     Green waters of St. Augustine

●     Watching pretty shells washing up on water and museums  in blissful Sanibel Islands 

There other vacation getaways like Fort Myers, Daytona Beach well where you can explore life, food and beauty of Florida.

Why choose holiday rentals by owner.

Most of the tourists prefer holiday rentals over hotels in Florida because it is pocket friendly and also you can have your privacy and space. It is always preferred to choose holiday rentals by owners. Dealing directly with owner can get a clear glance of the place where you are going to stay.

Also you can discuss about things you need and services. This make the process transparent and free of confusions.

We take NO service charge or Booking fees, which is an added advantage.