Direct Bookings Vs Channel Bookings : Differences Decoded

  • Aug 02 2021
  • By: Peter
Vacation Rentals


Are you still unsure about the difference between direct bookings and channel bookings? And which is preferable for property managers? The truth is that there is a significant distinction between direct and channel bookings that property managers must understand in order to run a successful business. Read on to know the best!


What Are Direct Bookings, And How Do They Work?

Simply put, a direct booking happens when a guest registers a short-term rental property with you, the host, directly. They may have gone to your personal website or made a phone arrangement with you. The important issue is that the reservation was not made through a sales channel or an online listing company/agency.


What Are Channel Bookings, And How Do They Work?

In many ways, channel bookings are the polar opposite of direct bookings. This indicates that the guest booked using a third-party platform or sales channels, such as Holiday Rentals By Owner. It's not so much about where they first found your property as it is about where they booked and fixed the deal.


What Is the Significance of Direct Bookings?

For many property managers, increasing direct bookings is a frequent business goal. There are various reasons for this, but the most important is that you won't have to pay a commission or listing fee to a sales channel if the booking is made directly with you.


What Is the Significance of Channel Bookings?

Sales and listing channels play an essential part in securing bookings, largely because guests may never learn about your properties without them. The most popular channels, such as Holiday Rentals By Owner, receive millions of visitors each year, and online bookings now account for the bulk of all bookings.


So, Which Is the Best Option?

When comparing direct and channel bookings, "better" is a subjective phrase, but there are a few crucial factors to consider. For starters, without a prior relationship, guests are more likely to find your properties through a channel. That implies, you should make sure your properties are listed on as many channels as possible to reach the largest number of potential buyers.

Receiving channel bookings has the unavoidable disadvantage of requiring you to pay a fee to these channels to list your property, which can significantly reduce your revenue.

Direct bookings don't require a channel commission/fee but keep in mind that you're up against well-known businesses, so make sure your website is professional and trustworthy, especially if you want to accept online payments.

In the end, we'd say that channel bookings are your best bet! A fee is a lot less than what you get in return when there's a shower of bookings coming to you every season exclusively from listing sites such as Holiday Rentals By Owner.