Which Are the Best Places to View Amazing Sunsets in California?

  • Mar 21 2022
  • By: Martin
California vacation rentals

We believe sunsets are one of nature's most beautiful and free gifts to humans, and we believe they are one of the nicest free presents we could ever get. Sunsets have a unique ability to transform even the dreariest of days into something spectacular. They serve as a gentle reminder that life is wonderful.

Sunny weather, incredible wine, and breathtaking national parks such as Yosemite are just a few of the reasons why people go to California.

As well as being the sunset capital of the world, California is also the best spot in the world to watch the sunset. Given that the sun sets westward and that we are on the west coast, there is no better place to see the sunset in the world than in California.

There are several places to view sunsets in California, thanks to the state's beautiful beaches, trendy rooftop bars, and various hills and mountains. When you book California vacation rentals, you will have lots of options for where to watch sunsets. The following are the top 10 best sites to view the sunset in California:


Huntington Beach

A walk down the beach with a blanket is the perfect way to end a day spent surfing at Huntington Beach, Surf City, USA. You will see the most incredible sunsets here.


Newport Beach Crystal Cove

We have added another Orange County site to the list. One of the best places in Newport to watch a romantic sunset is at 'Lookout Point,' which overlooks the entrance to Newport Harbor at Heliotrope and offers breathtaking views of the ocean, cliffs, and harbor.


La Jolla, San Diego

San Diego, with its 70 miles of coastline and mild year-round climate, is the ideal place to watch the sunset over gentle rolling waves. With seals and seagulls flying above, La Jolla Cove in La Jolla, California, is the perfect place to unwind. It is also possible to see the sunset at Wind & Sea beach, which has gained local fame.


Santa Barbara

A lot of the Beach Boys' songs are about this place. It is a sight to see.

Arroyo in Santa Barbara is famed for its magnificent waves, so relax on a picnic blanket and enjoy the sunset while taking in the orange haze that covers the sky.


Santa Cruz

There are few places like Santa Cruz in California where you can experience the quintessential California beach vacation, like the 100-year-old beachfront amusement park that overlooks the dazzling Monterey Bay. Snuggle up with your loved ones or shoot a sunset silhouette photo here.

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