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Yolanda Wattel

Aloha from Leo and Yolanda We currently reside in Alberta, Canada We have been vacationing in Maui for the past 7 years. It is a very family oriented island. One of our favorites. When this unit became available, we knew it would serve the purpose for our wonderful family We are thankful to God for blessing us with 9 wonderful children. We have homeschooled for 19 years. 3 have graduated. We are self employed and fully certified in construction & concrete. We love Jesus and it is our desire to follow and serve Him.Yolanda Wattel purchased this Condo in 2013

Why This Property?

This property is very pretty. When this 1800 sq ft unit became available to us, we saw this as a wonderful opportunity for our large family. It is very hard for larger families to vacation because the units are often two small. As parents of 9, we see the need for large families to also be blessed with a down time with their children building fun memories in a home away from home. They to need a break away from everything. So we would love to bless them with this opportunity. It is know approximately 2000 sq ft

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