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Jeff Green

We are a young family who loves to travel with our dogs to the Great Smoky Mountains. When our son was 5 years old, he told us he wanted his own cabin and he named it 'Bars Ubound' (Bears Abound). When we decided to purchase a cabin of our own, we already knew what the name would be!Jeff Green purchased this Cabin in 2014

Why This Property?

We have spent many vacations in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. We have been on many frightening drives with tight, bending switchbacks and driveways where we couldn't park on a level surface or safely back out into the street. When we decided to purchase our own cabin, we looked at ton of different cabins in different areas. Our #1 criteria was that the drive to and from the cabin be easily accessible and our #2 criteria was to have a spectacular view. #3 was for it to be big enough for our family, but small enough to be cozy. There were a few properties for sale in The Preserve and as soon as we entered the resort, we knew this was the place we wanted to be. The drive is a little steep in places and we would call it 'medium' in difficulty, but it's definitely not nearly as harrowing as drives to many of the other cabins we've stayed at in the area. The parking is level and easy and the views...... THE VIEWS are absolutely the best we've ever seen! Stay with us and we KNOW you'll love it, too!!

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