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Marylynn Clune

Our lives began in Western Ma.. work took us to Greenwich, Ct. then to Lexington, Ma. and back to Wilton, Ct. in Fairfield County since 1982. Our first son was born in Greenwich, the next two in Lexington and our daughter in Wilton. Time has a way of having everyone grow up and move on to becoming one lawyer, two doctors and one teacher. We are blessed with nine grandchildren and they are the best!! Everyone does their fair share to help in managing our mini estate which is run as a family business.Marylynn Clune purchased this House in 2011

Why This Property?

Stepping Stones has many nooks and cranies; enough for everyone to have space to read, think, rest and nap. The yard lends itself to personal time or meditation. You can walk across the street to the harbor, again to rest or read and of course, the beach is just 400 yards away. So close, with chairs already there, you just need to show up! Enjoy!

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