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Marjorie DeAtley

The couple who own this unique home has been active community members their life-long. Gene retired from PG&E and now spends his time collecting treasures from yards sales around town. He is still a member of the local Kiwanis, Shriners,and the Elks Lodge. He enjoys his little dog, a couple cats, and his pet goat. LeAna enjoys going to Bingo, and playing card games of all kinds... and has recently discovered Angry Birds on her Ipad. While raising 5 of us kids, she was a past-president of the PTA, and was a Boy/Girl Scout leader, and of course, the Girl Scout Cookie Chairman for many years. Ruth is the family Vacation Rental expert. She has vast experience in the Real Estate world, and has been manager of a successful Vacation Rental business in the past. Now, since 1999, she has owned and operated her own ocean Front Vacation Rental property in the quaint village of Mendocino, Ca, ( vrbo #118096), as well as managing additional family real estate matters. When not in the throes of business, Ruth assists with the care of her parents, enjoys spending time with her 2 young grandchildren, and plays tennis with her sister. And is active in the Eureka Kiwanis and with the Board of Realtors.Ruth Schnell purchased this House in 1966

Why This Property?

Five children, and some grandchildren, were raised in this home. Everyone is all grown up now and have gone their separate ways...this house needs to be enjoyed again, by family and friends. It would be a great place for a family reunion, a wedding, or for a group of friends to have a gathering. Or a seminar or re-treat or ??.

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