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Michele G Geier

Outdoor lovers, we love to hike, kayak, bike-ride and enjoy fresh mountain air. One of us, loves to jump in the 'refreshing' lake, while the other likes to bring the dogs to the dog beach and let them jump in. One of us loves to read outside on the deck while the other devises 'epic' hikes to talk her into. One will go out skiing while the other will relax by the fire and they will both think they have the better deal! Our vision is to have many happy memories exploring this beautiful area and sharing it with our family, friends and especially our grandchildren. We hope you will too!

Why This Property?

Sitting on the outside back and front decks in the summer; biking to Richardson's beach and listening to music while sunbathing or swimming in the largest alpine lake in the United States. We have also grown to love Fallen Leaf Lake for its calm waters, just bring your water shoes for the rocky bottom. Some people feel you have to camp to get close to nature, but with this cozy cabin , you can have it all. Hike Mt. Tallac and enjoy awe-inspiring views or meditate by gazing at the blue crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe while letting your dogs enjoy the dog-friendly beach.

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