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Cathie Becker And John Potts

Picture of us in Kona on our wedding day (Summer Solstice, 2013). I purchased the property with a friend in 2002 but now John (JP) and I have full ownership. We are now both retired and have recently moved to the Big Island (from Corvallis, Oregon and Lake Tahoe,, CA), We love living in Hawaii where we spend most of our time bicycling, paddling, swimming, golfing, snorkeling, exploring out-of-the-way snorkeling spots and preparing fabulous meals for our friends.

Why This Property?

I love our private beach. There's nothing like getting up early and sitting on the sea wall with a cup of coffee and binoculars..watching for the whales and dolphins. Of course, in the evening it's the same thing, to watch the sunset, only it's with a Mai Tai.

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