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Tom & Rita Jackson

Rita and I are retired and live in a small town close to Austin, Texas. We adore each other and have been married over 40 years. We have two great son's and are a very close family. Our son's also live and work in the Austin area, which makes it easy to keep in close touch. We are very laid back and love to travel and enjoy exploring all of God's beautiful creations. We also love to play golf together and try to hit the course two to three times a week. We love visiting in our condo and sincerely hope you achieve as much pleasure as we do. We truly want you to be completely satisfied and will do everything we can to make sure you are.Tom and Rita Jackson purchased this Condo in 2012

Why This Property?

When Rita and I decided to purchase a condo to vacation in we traveled all over the Caribbean and West Coast searching for the perfect location. After traveling to Jamaica, Panama, Grand Cayman, and even Acapulco, we kept coming back to Playa. It had absolutely everything we were looking for. It is safe, easy to access, and stunningly beautiful. The next step was to locate the perfect condo, and we did. After looking all over Playa we discovered the Sabbia Condo Complex and immediately knew our search was over. It has everything we were looking for, and more.

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