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Ray Snead

My name is Ray Snead. I am the owner of Sunrock Lodge. I have spent the majority of my career in healthcare finance. I do interim CFO consulting in healthcare. This work allows me to live for periods in different parts of the country experiencing their climates and cultures for several months at a time. I have been married to my only wife for over 40 years and we have two grown, married children. One is an attorney and the other is self employed in the franchise food business. When not working, we enjoy spending time at Sunrock Lodge, hiking and shooting sports.Ray Snead purchased this House in 2007

Why This Property?

We visited Blue Ridge a number of times before we were introduced to Sunrock Lodge by a realtor. The Lodge was under construction at the time and when we saw it, we were struck speechless by the views and the solitude of Sunrock's private location. We did not know you could get views like Sunrock's in GA, we thought you had to go to NC or TN to get views like this. We were also very favorably impressed by the proximity of Sunrock to the city of Blue Ridge and the local hospital. Many of the cabins listed in Blue Ridge are a long way out of town. We like the town of Blue Ridge. It is a true resort community. Unlike many small towns, Blue Ridge is growing with significant investment in the downtown area by a variety of merchants bringing food, entertainment, and shopping opportunities. Many people come to Blue Ridge its scenic railroad or the many shows and festivals that are regularly held in the downtown area.

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